Photos by Caren Nederlander

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  The tradition of decorating Easter eggs dates back centuries to pagan days, when they were used as symbols of the coming of Spring, a time for renewal (rebirth). Christianity adopted the pagan custom to celebrate the resurrection (rebirth) of Christ at Easter. Now, the tradition continues for both Christians and non-Christians in many forms, the most popular of which is the Easter egg hunt, which is sponsored at Easter time in one form or another in almost every state in the United States. Here, in New York City, the annual Easter egg hunt features colorful sculptures of Easter eggs spread throughout the city's five boroughs, with prizes being awarded to those who find and photograph the greatest number of them. Although I did not participate in the contest, I photographed many of them as I passed them on the city's streets and boulevards, and because I thought them beautiful and interesting I decided to collect and exhibit my photographs in this album for purchase.


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